Your Digital Life in 2016

Happy New year! 2016 is already here and most of us have set our goals for our businesses, careers and personal lives and are excited and looking forward to successfully accomplish each one of them in a smartest way we can think of!

Many of us however, will of course continue living our lives and depending on technology (both online and offline) and all it has to offer, for income, personal, leisure or what ever purposes many may find it useful. There will be a continuous heavy reliance on social network for businesses and private lives, people will opt for new or the latest gadgets or  readily available technology that’s efficient and even the better if it can  be used to improve lives. It’s also no doubt, that technology will be better this year than it was last year!

But even though we rely on technology as part of our daily lives, having control of our lives and taking into consideration how technology can affect us, is of great importance. It’s true that technology is here to make our lives easier and to enable us to  be more productive. However, people have different personal experiences when it comes to how technology and the internet and how that affects their online/ offline presence. But what happens if you’re losing control? Or loosing track of your productivity? Or maybe technology is not working that so well for you as you expected?

To be productive in this digital era, there’s a necessity  to avoid a messy digital life. Here are few helpful tips drawn from recent studies. Read on : Your Digital Year in Review -from


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