“You Used To Call Me On My Cellphone”- Guilty About Losing Your Friends? Here’s Why You Need To Focus On Your ‘Growth Friends’

If you’ve listened to Hotline bling, then you must have heard Drake singing the first lines you used to call me from my cellphone. The lyrics are quite straightforward and for this sensitive topic, i thought i’d borrow that first line too.

Recently, i ran into an old friend of mine from college. She was not just anyone. She was my best friend! Our little meeting didn’t even last for more than 5 mins because we were both in a hurry. But i couldn’t help notice how much we both changed!  7 years ago, we were inseparable! The long talks, long walks along the sea, the parties…etc. But when we met again after such a long time, there was this distance which made us  feel  like we were strangers.  Honestly, it felt awkward!

What changed?

Well, life happens! We both made decisions, opened new chapters in our lives and  became extremely  busy with our careers and personal lives. And somewhere down the road, we drifted apart and  we lost our “friendship” connection. I must admit that even though i made new friends who i love very much (and i guess she too), i realised that getting over friends from the past is also not easy.

Maybe that is what they call ‘growing up’? So i hear. I don’t know. You tell me?

To me, friends are very important. I can’t imagine how some people cope without friends.

“No man is an island “

Studies show the importance of friendship-based relationships because it fosters moral goodness in people.  Friendships are vital for our overall mental well being and happiness. And in your career or personal life, it’s important to know who you keep in your life as friend.

But how important are past friends to you?  Do you feel bad for letting some of them go?

If you have guilty feelings about letting go off friendships, then this video by leading motivational expert, Brendon Buchard will inspire you. He talks about 3 kinds of friends (old, maintenance and growth) and he explains the importance of “Growth Friends” in our lives. Just pay attention to details.

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