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4 Major Problems That Cause Charity Organisations To Fail

A majority of people have a burning passion and a deep drive to want to help others in need. Many others sailing on the same boat, believe they have a ‘calling’ and do feel a strong need to dedicate all of their time and lives to good causes in order to make a difference wherever possibly they can. In fact, having a ‘deep drive’, or a ‘passion’ or having a ‘calling’ to become a part of a ‘problem solver’ is usually the main reasons why people are motivated and ambitious to establish and run their own charity organisations and help solve the numerous global sustainability problems. Even though this post is not about how to start a charity, there is an article on Forbes that gives an overview on how to start a charity.

However, starting charity organisations is not as easy as it may sound. Just in like any other profitable business organisation, starting a charity organisation involves a lot more than just a passion to help solve problems. It involves tenacity, a lot of hard work, knowledge and skills. A majority of people who had good intentions at the initial stages of starting a charity organisations have had to give up along the way while others ended up in more trouble because of difficulties and obstacles they didn’t expect to experience. I came across this 3 minutes Wall street Journal video where Veronica Dagher, a columnist focused on wealth management, financial advisers, personal finance and philanthropy for Wealth Management at WSJ.com, discusses how to overcome the four major problems  that cause charity organisations to fail at the initial set up stage. These major problems include, a lack of enough research, understimating the power of documentation, lack of proper ‘papers’ ( including insurance), lack of well qualified and skilled members on advisory board and the biggest of all is lack of sufficient funds.

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4 Major Growth Strategies For Small Businesses

Most small business owners go into a business without the intention of growing into a ‘real’ business. Some have no plans to expand their business or even serve new markets or new customers. Often times, a majority of the small business owners are in their businesses just so they can have a ‘job’, more ‘freedom’ and a small income for survival. It is common for them not to fully focus on becoming an entrepreneur. However, from experts point of view, even though small business owners know their products and services extremely well, they experience limitations when it comes expanding, reaching out to new customers, and even serving new markets.This is simply because, the small business owners lack the knowledge of certain key success skills that would enable them to grow. Here is an educative and informative YouTube Video from experts at Small Business Solver that will enlighten you on how to grow your business. The video focuses on mostly on the Organic Growth which mostly is about growing your business withing the framework of your business organisation.