How Diversity In The Workplace Influences Business Success



Diversity in the work place is no longer about just race, ethnicity or equality. This definition comes with a little more than just that. From a recent study, The radical transformation of diversity and inclusion The millennial influence, Inclusion and diversity in the work place is the future of business organisations’ success. Unlike with most of the baby boomers and gen-Xers generations, millennial  ( Generation Y-1980-1995) have a different view about the concept of inclusion and diversity in the work place which they strongly believe is crucial to business and competitiveness. The The Study which was conducted by Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) sponsored by Deloitte LLP, showed that millennials have a cognitive view about diversity which includes a mash-up ( mixure) of diverse individuals characteristics and elements in a business working environment, where people with different backgrounds (Including cultural, educational, family, sexual orientation), experiences, and perspectives, can work successfully within a team. According to the study, the millennials firmly believe that a combination of inclusion and diversity in organisations team works are very important traits that are necessary elements in innovation, creativity, help organisations to overcome business challenges and enable organisations achieve their desired business goals.

On a leadership aspect, the study further reveals the need for leaders in business organisations to foster an environment of diversity in the work place by employing and building teams that are made up of people of different cultures, opinions, background, and education level in order to achieve their business goals. Employers should engage more with millenials, and provide support on aspects relating to leaderships. They should also allow transparency, improve on communication and focus on engaging with their teams (made up of diverse individuals) for better business results.  Will this be easy? Or will there be resistance?

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