German Boardroom Gender Diversity Lags EU Peers: Chart – Bloomberg Business

Credit- Bloomberg


Women hold up half the sky” (Chinese Proverb)

I am not so sure whether this comes to you as a shock (or not), but i’ll tell you i am surprised! In Germany, 29 percent of executive positions were filled by women in 2014 and since then little has changed? I am even more surprised that compared to it’s other EU counterpart, Germany is still slow to instill gender diversity in the boardrooms!

Diversity- gender diversity, has become a hot topic in the business community and by now most of us have understood the basics, that having more women in the boardroom is not only good for business, but it also helps to boost innovation and social responsibilty.  But why is it still so hard for some to practice that?

More about the German boardroom here (Source): Chart – Bloomberg Business

Still on the issue of gender diversity, i enjoyed reading an excellent report from Deloitte which highlights approaches on how to support diversity on boards. Women in the boardroom. A global perspective.



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