Gene Therapy To Reverse Aging In Dogs, and Humans Could Be Next

The title of this post is from a fascinating article i came across on MIT Technology Review.  It is about a startup co-founded by George Church of Harvard Medical School, one of the most influential synthetic biologist, which plans to keep dogs “young” by using Gene Therapy. According to the article, similar trials have already been done on mice. Well, if all goes well, we humans could be next. (Read one here- MITYou might need to subscribe to fully access the article)

Also on Life Saving– It is likely that you have heard about what some scientists have in mind… You are right! It’s about growing transplantable human organs in pigs and other animals! The first question that comes in mind is “what is going on here?” or “How is that possible?” Well it is possible. It’s all about saving lives. Of course it raises ethical concerns. And many of us are left to wonder if this is right in the first place? I can fully understand why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was hesitant to fund this kind of research. However, on a Stanford Medicine blog,  Hiromitsu Nakauchi, a Stanford Researcher Professor of Genetics, takes a different view on that and points out  that these “animal-grown organs could transform the lives of thousands of people facing organ failure”. (Read on here-SCOPERead  also on Financial Times and Japan News

Still on Life Saving– Producing human organs using technological instances is no longer a creepy issue. In fact, 3D Bioprinting has progressed so much to the point that a group of researchers from the University of Toronto have created a 3D printer that also prints skin tissue. How does that work and who may benefit? That would be a solution for many victims suffering skin issues such as skin burns etc. (Read on here-3D Print.com)

Again on Life Saving– Should we worry about human cloning? I recently read an article on the Guardian and i understood how big the business of cloning has become, especially since it has been tried and tested on animals. The article mentioned Barbra Streisand who revealed (to Variety Magazine) that she had had her two dogs successfully cloned. And as you can already imagine, she paid a price for it. A whole $ 50,000 for that! (You can read more New York Times  here  and here )  I also read about some Chinese Scientists, who claimed to have copied monkeys using cloning. (Read about it on NBCnews) I am still digesting that information. The cloning business is now taking a whole new level.- Some are already thinking of Human Cloning.  The major issue however, is the ethical concern. Read more here-Daily Star)


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Data Privacy Is A Major Concern For All Of Us!

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp recently launched WhatsAPP Business App which is meant to be a go-to  app for SMEs business communication. The WhatsAPP Business App lets SME’s connect with their customers. What is it good for? It’s definitely more than a normal WhatsApp.  In short, customers have the ability to access useful information about a business. Business owners on the other hand, will also have access to useful data that could be helpful to improve on their business strategies. How?  (Read More on WhatsAPP) This however, begs another series of question regarding data privacy concern. Is it too early to tell? We shall see. Time will tell.

How safe are we online? When it comes to digital security, we can’t be 100% Safe online- But  change is coming. According to Jon Crowcroft , professor of communications systems at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, there will be an emergence of several solutions. However most importantly, he mentions the need to find “a way to identify the balance between what we want to achieve in terms of privacy and what’s useful to those mining the data”. ( Read on:- Source The Wired)

Speaking of Data privacy, the GDPR ( EU’s General Data Protection Regulation) which was  approved by the EU Parliament  in 2016  will be applicable as of  May 2018. The GDPR aims to harmonize data privacy law frame workers across Europe as well as protecting EU citizens data privacy. It further seeks to impose regulations to organizations that  host and process personal data around the work. What are the benefits of Businesses and Citizens? (Read on:-Source  European Commision)

What is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation? 

Facebook is commiting to the GDPR’s readiness. The social media network will be introducing a new education campaign to help users understand how data is used on Facebook and the different we users can manage our personal data. (Read on:- Source FB Newsroom

The Right To Be Forgotten– Also known as the “right to delist” — On their blog, google confirms that they will be implementing the “right to be forgotten” in Europe, in response to discussions with regulators. ( Read on:- Source Google blog).

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