The Science Behind Broken Work Cultures- Case of Amazon


What motivates people work?

Numerous studies that have examined what motivates people to want to continue working. Studies by Professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester, indicate the six main reasons why people work. These  include:

  1. Play
  2. Purpose
  3. Potential
  4. Emotional pressure
  5. Economic pressure
  6. Inertia

A recent study highlighted in Harvard Business Review, shows that the first three motives (directly connected to the work itself) are a good motives and  tend to increase performance in the work place. The Latter three (indirectly connected to the work) tend to reduce workplace performance.

RESEARCH SHOWS THAT THE BETTER OUR REASONS FOR WORKING, THE BETTER WE WORK. (More on Fast Company): Amazon’s No Outlier: The Science Behind Broken Work Cultures

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