Amazon Sues More Than 1000 Fake Product Reviewers

keyboard-881312_1920 believes in customer satisfaction and this includes retaining their customers’ trust. The giant E-Commerce retailer has now decided to sue a few internet users who have been posting false online reviews of items on behalf of sellers. From a consumer’s point of view, i think this is quite an important action from the giant online retailer not only to protect it’s brand, but also to protect their customers from being misled. If you are one of those customers who heavily rely on consumer reviews, before making any purchasing decision from a particular seller, then you might know why this is important.

There are thousands of customers like me out there, who would like to avoid the unknown risks.  Therefore relying on sincere consumers’ review or customers’ feedback is important for buyers before making any purchasing decisions especially on these E-Commerce platforms.  An excellent seller’s rating automatically wins the trust of many. But if it is all fakery, then the customers will be in for a sad surprise. Why would any seller want to pay anyone to write fake reviews? (More on Amazon suing fake reviewers on

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