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“Does Donald Trump’s election as United States president mean that globalization is dead, or are reports of the process’ demise greatly exaggerated?”

The title of this post is from Project Syndicate with Barry Eichengreen, a Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, who wrote an interesting article on the condition of globalization and the world trade growth even without Trump in office- Globalization’s Last Gasp. So what’s the deal with globalization? Is it…
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Where Do Business Ideas Come From? 8 Ways To Generate Successful Business Ideas

There’s so much talk about Start-ups these days. Many people are looking to start their own businesses now more than ever. While some have already successfully executed their business ideas,  others are still patiently waiting for the right idea to ‘pop up’ in their minds. Some others may already have…
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Good Employees Make Mistakes. Great Leaders Allow Them To. – Forbes

In a working environment, it’s normal for mistakes to happen. To a certain extent, misunderstandings may occur which may lead to clashes and eventually conversations may in turn shut down. Some mistakes however, as soon as they occur, they are likely to throw us. From this article, although mistakes can be damaging,…
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