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Hello Future!- More Civil Discourse On The internet, More Discipline In The Comment Section

  Comment sections! Have you ever come across some of those websites with terrible, poisonous comment sections? YouTube is one of those! It’s like some commenters have made it their life mission to respond with hatred, making the comment sections unbearable! But what should we, as readers and content producers,…
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50 World’s Most Attractive Employers For Business Students 2015

It’s Google again! Not just in the United States of America, but world wide! Google remains the number 1 as the employer of choice among students of various disciplines. Check out these surveys (Worldwide and United States of America) In a study,  employer branding agency Universum Global asked 240,000 business and engineering students from top universities…
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 Where A Majority US Top Millennials Want To Work In 2015

A  survey by National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) showed that  health care and tech companies are the most potential hires and sought after employers. However, for a majority of business, technology and Engineering graduates,  their  No. 1 choice is Google. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony are among the top 15 favourite employers….
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