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Suceeding At Your Job, Facebook vs LinkedIn, Midlife Career Change

  When just being good at your job isn’t good enough!- “To keep succeeding in your career, you must add value to your organization through continuous learning” (more at Strategy+Business). Also, here is how a ‘Craftsman-Like Approach’ helps to achieve greater joy at work (Forbes) Okey! This one is a little tough-…
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Why Considering The Importance Of Cultural Aspects Can be Helpful Before Expanding Your Business Activities overseas

In International Business, foreign cultures are known for their power to influence the success of businesses operated in foreign markets. There are thousands of books and articles written on how to set up a business overseas.  If you may recall, the previous post highlighted by use of examples how foreign culture and communication…
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How Foreign Cultures and Communication Can Affect Your International Business Operations – H&M in South Africa

Globalization and internationalization is of great importance for economies and it’s even more rewarding when business organisations take advantage of the profitable business opportunities and expand their operations overseas. However, running or managing a business operation abroad can be challenging. Unlike with doing business at home, companies interested in doing…
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