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Wall Street And Pope Francis

Pontiff’s scepticism about capitalism may not have been everyone’s favourite topic. Atleast not to the ‘solely money and profit’ minded people. But i am glad more financial professionals are beginning to spot the need to show concern about human welfare and advancement. Some may wonder, “Why much effort to focus…
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4 Reasons Why Live Streaming Video Apps are Good For Your Business Organisation

Live streaming video is the newest way to boost engagement on social media. It is a great way to interact with your audience in real time as they help to keep users active and capitalised. Although there are many Apps out there serving the purpose of live streaming, the major…
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How Diversity In The Workplace Influences Business Success

Diversity in the work place is no longer about just race, ethnicity or equality. This definition comes with a little more than just that. From a recent study, The radical transformation of diversity and inclusion The millennial influence, Inclusion and diversity in the work place is the future of business organisations’…
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