4 Major Growth Strategies For Small Businesses

Most small business owners go into a business without the intention of growing into a ‘real’ business. Some have no plans to expand their business or even serve new markets or new customers. Often times, a majority of the small business owners are in their businesses just so they can have a ‘job’, more ‘freedom’ and a small income for survival. It is common for them not to fully focus on becoming an entrepreneur. However, from experts point of view, even though small business owners know their products and services extremely well, they experience limitations when it comes expanding, reaching out to new customers, and even serving new markets.This is simply because, the small business owners lack the knowledge of certain key success skills that would enable them to grow. Here is an educative and informative YouTube Video from experts at Small Business Solver that will enlighten you on how to grow your business. The video focuses on mostly on the Organic Growth which mostly is about growing your business withing the framework of your business organisation. 

How Will The Volkswagen Customers be affected by the Company’s Emissions Scandal?

It is obvious that the drivers of Volkswagen diesel cars are eager to know if they bought a vehicle that can meet their expectations. So far we know that the fumes not only cause inflammation, but may also cause serious respiratory conditions and even worse, it can be fatal. However, this is not just about the health and the environment. It is also about the price value of the vehicles in terms of currency. Of course such a scandal dictates the price of other Volkswagen vehicles. What about second hand VWs Vehicles? Do resellers, still expect to make profit from their sales? There is still not enough information. However, Volkswagen Group is giving clarity to it’s customers and dealers. From the companies press statement, vehicles with EU 6 diesel engines which are currently available in the European Union, do comply with legal requirements and environmental standards and their software  do not have any effect. The company further says, that 11 Million Cars Worldwide with Type EA 189 engines, are affected. What we do not know is the exact locations of these vehicles. However, from an article by New York Times, experts have given their opinions and views and are strongly convinced that more than half of those vehicles are in the European market.

How Was Volkswagen Brought To It’s Knees?

With almost everyone talking about the Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal, we ask ourselves, ‘Why wasn’t  the Volkswagen emissions fraud discovered sooner? ‘Was it because no one was looking? ‘Well, i came across this interesting article by which was quite informative about how a small lab in West Virginia discovered Volkswagen’s big cheat!  The story behind the scandal discovery sounded more like the Volkswagen company actually got busted! Apparently, it was a nonprofit organisation known as The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) which hired West Virginia University to do the emissions tests on Volkswagen diesel cars in the U.S, because they were hyped to be environmental friendly and fuel efficient. A team of scientists, including Dr. Arvind Thiruvengadam, who is a research assistant professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, at the West Virginia University, carried out the emissions testing. Well, the results proved otherwise and that’s when they discovered that Volkswagen was actually cheating! Now that raises a lot of other questions! For example, who else is cheating?