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50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers – Forbes

Social Media has proven to be quite useful for careers and entrepreneuers. In the last couple of months, Instagram users have increased tremendeously and NO, the social platform it’s not just for ‘super models’, ‘instagram models’ or fashionistas. The increasing number of Instagram users range from: Fashion labels, Fashion bloggers, photographers, artists, local business communities, florists, community projects, fashion lovers, families, and others who want to connect with their followers for any kind of reasons.

Many (especially, fashionistas) rely on Instagram for their income and the more their followers, the higher their income. Others would like to increase the visibility of their products and business presence.

But for those seeking to increase their audience, gaining new followers or increasing the number of their followers is not easy for everyone and it can be a quite depressing journey. So how can one increase their followers? I’ve tried using harsh tags and i can tell you it works like magic!  And i even tried commenting on random photos especially celebrity photos, and believe me, that alone still gets me new follow requests. Here’s an article by Forbes which sums up  50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers (Read on– Source – Forbes)

6 Ways to Actually Get Work Done in the Office


Inability to actively be engaged while on the job, is a major problem among many employees globally. You are likely to walk into an office and find  workers multitasking and in the end, they have little or  nothing to show for their invested time at the office. Often, this kind of behaviour leads to working overtime, unproductivity, job unsatisfaction etc.  Are procrastination and long work weeks killing your productivity? Follow these tips to get back on track.

Source: 6 Ways to Actually Get Work Done in the Office

4 Reasons Why Live Streaming Video Apps are Good For Your Business Organisation


Live streaming video is the newest way to boost engagement on social media. It is a great way to interact with your audience in real time as they help to keep users active and capitalised. Although there are many Apps out there serving the purpose of live streaming, the major Apps that are commonly used include, PeriscopeMeerkat, and RhinoBird. Here are a few reasons why live streaming is good for your organisation.

  • You can Share Live Events

Of course, It’s live streaming in real time!? This is an awesome idea because sharing events with your audience makes them feel part of the event and gives them a more sense of connectivity to your company or industry. With the apps on your phone, you have the ability to be mobile and you can freely move to show your viewes what is happening in different locations at the event. This is a good way to keep them connected and active as you engage with them in a conversation.

  • You can Host interviews

The idea is not anything new. Infact,  business leaders still use Skype and other methods for online business meetings, messaging calls, and  to host online video interviews. With the apps, satisfied users are recommending them for interviews or for the purpose of interacting with customers, employees, or to interview job candidates. Depending on your aim for hosting a live interview, the new apps are said to be making the experience much better.

  • Engage actively with your viewers

Just like in live shows, these apps allow you to have the possibility to engage with your viewers and show them your activities. For business organisation depending on your industry, you can these appls to host a session to demonstrate how to use a certain product or a service. Furthermore, a company can use these apps to host a Q& A sessions,  demonstrate, Customer Case Study as well as provide show the viewers behind the scene of your organisations.

  • Conduct traininig

Many more educational organisations /Institutions are adopting this method for educational purpose. Although the idea of video training is not new, but the apps are making it easier to use. Many people have attended live teaching distance learning, which enables students in different locations to interact real time one another. The advantage these apps have against the traditional video live streaming is the fact that there is mobility involved.


Periscope, which is Twitter’s live streaming App, has more than 10 Million accounts with more than 2 million people using the app on a daily basis. However, among the social media giants, there is a competition. According to an article by Wired and Techrunch, currently facebook is enabling journalists and celebrities with verified accounts to use their “Mentions” to post live to Facebook during breaking news, for behind-the-scenes reports, or to host live Q&As with their followers. This feature is also available with Snapchat.

Nevertheless, the disadvantage that comes with the live streaming apps  are economic and are inthe costs and data. Live video streaming is known to take up lots of data which are costly to the consumers. This however, is a business opportunity for profit oriented mobile carriers. Most of the mobile providers are already preparing costly packages to take care of the needs of the Video Live streamers. However, according to an article by The Wall Street Journal,  the social giants are working towards staying ahead of the game and are creating apps that will solve problems of data consumption on videos. These advanced apps are expected to consume less data and perform better with weaker connections, which is an excellent solution for the consumers.