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Silicon Valley-Backed Start-ups Disrupting the Financial services in Emerging Markets

Anyone who knows about the problems associated with the lending industry  in Africa, especially for women enterprenuers or SMEs, would definitely understand what Hilary Clinton was talking about on  ‘the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women: Proving the Case for Women Entrepreneurs’-She said, “It’s a big market and somebody’s gonna serve it”

Lack of funds for Micro and Small Enterprises still remains one of the greatest obstacles to economic growth. It’s not a secret that many SMEs in developing countries are not catered to by banks because they are perceived as high risk category. But that’s slowly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the power of digital information.

Well, finally someone has decided to disrupt the financial services industry in the emerging markets. A few Silicon Valley-backed start-ups are slowly stepping into the business of lending to micro / small business entities engaged in Agriculture, Farming, and Manufacturing, Trading, Transport and Logistics. They are looking to support SMEs, Microenterprises and grant them access to much needed capital.

So, who are they and how do they work? In Kenya for example, Saida  one of them, which uses information collected from Apps to look at how people use their smartphones and in turn analyse the data and the users’ behaviour traits to place them on a credit worthiness scale. (How excatly does Saida work?)

Another similar one is Branch, a for-profit, socially-conscious company based in San Francisco and Nairobi. Branch was co-founded by Matthew Flannery who is also the co-founder of KIVA.Org.  Similarly,  Inventura  and Lendup are other great technologies among many, that are helping to solve the problem of limited access to financial grants in emerging Markets.

More on how these App-based Lending startups operate 

Thanks to technology, a  report by Omidyar Network suggests that between 300 and 580 million people without a credit rating could benefit from app-based lending.


More depth information about the “Lending Startups Look at Borrowers’ Phone Usage to Assess Creditworthiness” On WSJ

50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers – Forbes

Social Media has proven to be quite useful for careers and entrepreneuers. In the last couple of months, Instagram users have increased tremendeously and NO, the social platform it’s not just for ‘super models’, ‘instagram models’ or fashionistas. The increasing number of Instagram users range from: Fashion labels, Fashion bloggers, photographers, artists, local business communities, florists, community projects, fashion lovers, families, and others who want to connect with their followers for any kind of reasons.

Many (especially, fashionistas) rely on Instagram for their income and the more their followers, the higher their income. Others would like to increase the visibility of their products and business presence.

But for those seeking to increase their audience, gaining new followers or increasing the number of their followers is not easy for everyone and it can be a quite depressing journey. So how can one increase their followers? I’ve tried using harsh tags and i can tell you it works like magic!  And i even tried commenting on random photos especially celebrity photos, and believe me, that alone still gets me new follow requests. Here’s an article by Forbes which sums up  50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers (Read on– Source – Forbes)

6 Ways to Actually Get Work Done in the Office


Inability to actively be engaged while on the job, is a major problem among many employees globally. You are likely to walk into an office and find  workers multitasking and in the end, they have little or  nothing to show for their invested time at the office. Often, this kind of behaviour leads to working overtime, unproductivity, job unsatisfaction etc.  Are procrastination and long work weeks killing your productivity? Follow these tips to get back on track.

Source: 6 Ways to Actually Get Work Done in the Office